January 3, 2011

Title 24

The part of California state law that regulates the construction of buildings is found in Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations (CCR) and hence is commonly referred to as Title 24. In order to acquire a building permit for construction, there must be documentation that shows that a proposed building complies with the regulations outlined in Title 24. Using EnergyPro, a comprehensive, California Energy Commission (CEC) approved building simulation software, OEFC is able to create a precise building model that incorporates all aspects of the building (wall, roof and fenestration construction, HVAC and plumbing units, square footage, etc) to demonstrate the required code compliance.

OEFC has extensive experience working with Title 24 requirements and has modeled a multitude of different building configurations, both in the residential and commercial arenas. Our proficiency in understanding the Title 24 regulations and modeling expertise has allowed us to seamlessly dovetail into similar areas of study, including performing energy studies for clients wishing to participate in California’s High Performance School (HPS) and LEED® programs.